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Children’s Dentistry – Grand Prairie, TX

Gentle Care for Your Favorite Smile

Children have very different dental needs compared to adults, and making sure they feel comfortable in the dental office is especially important as well. Thankfully, the team at Real Dental has years of experience helping little smiles shine, and we treat every child like they are one of our own. From routine checkups and cleanings to natural-looking restorations to custom-made mouthguards, we’ll make sure your child stays on the path to a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles with comprehensive children's dentistry in Grand Prairie, TX. To schedule their next appointment, give us a call today.

Mother giving daughter a piggy back ride after children's dentistry visit

Why Choose Real Dental for Children’s Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Kids

Smiling young girl during dental checkup

Even though the baby teeth are destined to fall out, it’s important that they are well taken care of. The baby teeth are essential to the oral development of a child, and they actually play a big part in the adult teeth coming in straight. Our team can use semi-annual checkups and cleanings to help prevent cavities and teach your little one healthy habits they’ll be able to use for the rest of their life.

Dental Sealants

Child receiving dental sealants

With a dental sealant, we can place a protective barrier over your child’s most vulnerable teeth to keep them safe from decay. Think of them like putting a cover over your car! They involve applying a thin layer of dental plastic over the back teeth, which often develop cavities due to their location and deep grooves that trap plaque and food particles. The procedure only takes a few minutes, is 100% painless, and sealants can easily block cavities for about 10 years.

Learn More About Dental Sealants

Fluoride Treatments

Young girl receiving fluoride treatment

In addition to using a fluoridated toothpaste at home, every child should receive at least 2 fluoride treatments per year. This will help strengthen their enamel and dramatically decrease their risk of cavities. To make things nice and easy, we’ll provide this service as part of their regular dental cleanings. We’ll simply place a highly-concentrated fluoridated paste on their teeth for a few minutes after cleaning them, and that’s it—they’ll be set all the way until their next appointment in 6 months.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Little girl examined after tooth-colored filling placement

We know that despite our team’s and a parent’s best efforts, it’s still fairly common for a child to develop a cavity, but thankfully, we can quickly fix any “sugar bugs” in a single appointment. A tooth-colored filling allows us to replace decayed enamel with a composite resin that is specially shaded to match your child’s teeth. The end result is a fully repaired tooth that doesn’t stick out in the smile and looks like nothing was ever wrong with it.

Athletic Mouthguards

Young boy placing blue athletic mouthguard

Did you know that up to 40% of ALL tooth-related injuries are due to sports? That rate is even higher for children! So, after making sure your child has their helmet, shin guards, and whatever other safety equipment they need to play their chosen game, check to see if they have a mouthguard as well. If they currently don’t have one, we can create a custom appliance that is much stronger and more comfortable than anything you’ll find in stores. That way, your child will be much more likely to actually use it and not just “leave” or “forget” it!

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